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Dear Customers Abroad,


This blog post is dedicated to you in order to give more information about our company and benefits in case you consider to buy tech gadgets and accessories from Mobilsaray,Istanbul,Turkey.


We, was established in 2017 in Istanbul,Turkey with a vision of becoming one of the most reliable and innovative tech-selling e-commerce company.During the period,we signed very effective and productive deals with Turkey's best wholesalers for our customers.Our focus has always been selling only original,trustful and high-quality products.


Our product portfolio is getting increase day by day,which includes mostly computers,cell phones and their accessories.We present leader brands for our customers,who are the winners of market share such as Microsoft,Dell,Lenovo,Belkin,Targus,Trust..etc..We strongly advise you to discover our amazing products by visiting our web site. All our native customers are continuing to receive the high quality and reliable service that we are renowned for".


Buy From Mobilsaray,Istanbul,Turkey


For your online shopping experince in,thanks to our reliable payment pos service,you don't need a credit card from Turkish banks,you can directly pay with your credit or bank card.Your card can belong to any country's bank,no matter for us anymore.Just use your own bank for your payments.Moreover,if you don't prefer using your credit card,you can pay with direct bank transfers.You can find our Usd and Eur Iban numbers in our web site.


By the way,we officially registered to Bakırköy Tax Administration in Istanbul,Turkey if you want to know before your purchases.


In case you reside in Turkey or not,as,we serve our customers multinationally too for their online shopping experiences.If you'd like to ask us about our company,vision,our products,best prices,order inquries...etc.we are dropping our contact options at the end of the post.Never hesitate to reach us any time.Buy from Mobilsaray,Istanbul,Turkey.We always do our best for you...


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Whatsapp Business: 0850 532 54 20 (English only)